Waterproof Blackberry phone case

Snowboarding with my 100% waterproof Blackberry Case

When you’re only a beginner, snowboarding in picturesque New Zealand Mountains can be pretty daunting, but believe it or not I found comfort through my Blackberry. Of course my phone wouldn’t be that handy in the snow if it wasn’t waterproofed, which is why I made the investment of purchasing a waterproof phone case.

Waterproof Blackberry Phone Case

Me snowboarding with my waterproof phone


I had already taken lessons, but now that my ski instructor was gone, I was feeling unsure of myself. Matt (my partner) was pressing me to go on the beginners’ slope. Only having learnt how to go forwards on my board, and not knowing how to snowboard backwards, I wasn’t too keen. I got pulled along for the “ride” anyway. Shakily I stood at the top of the cliff; then leaned into my board and started zooming down the slope. I was managing my balance but barely.

With a hit of adrenalin, I made it half way down the slope. I wasn’t good at controlling direction and if I kept going straight I would have tumbled off the side of the slope onto all the skiers and snowboarders below. I had a panic attack.

I fell on my bum deliberately instead of breaking. The pressure caused a mental blank. Not ideal! I sat half way down the slopes frozen in despair, and I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t even move for a good 5 minutes. I just sat there trying not to completely lose my cool.

Then I remembered, thanks to OverBoard’s super cool, high scale technology in the form of a dry bag I was able to safely keep my blackberry in my pocket.

This 100% waterproof phone case allowed me to make a phone call in the snow without worrying about breaking my phone and losing all my contacts (I ‘m sure we’ve all experienced how frustrating that can be). Water or snow, it doesn’t matter Overboard product line has got my back.

Belows a youtube link I found which will explain and show you how the waterproof case works.

If you want to see how it works, check out this demonstration…Waterproof Blackberry Demonstration

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