Waterproof Nokia phone case

Can’t get lost on the ski slopes when your Nokia is waterproof

It was 9:20am in New Zealand, on the beautiful slopes of Coronet Peak. Time to go snowboarding! I got all my gear together, and almost forgot my 100% waterproof nokia phone case. I’m so glad I didn’t because it came in handy later.  I had booked an early bird private booking to improve my snowboarding technique. I stumbled through the snow looking for my ski instructor but he was nowhere to be found.

2011 waterproof nokia phone case

Maxine picking up waterproof phone

Time was ticking, and I didn’t want to be late for my ski lesson and potentially lose time and money. Of course I needn’t worry because I was able to whip out my Nokia (as it was suitably protected by my waterproof phone case) and call the instructor to find out where to meet to him.

I could already snowboard forwards, but thanks to my lesson I learnt how to master going down backwards, or for the snowboarding fanatics, snowboard on the heel edge.

I almost decapitated my knee cap when I half spun in the air whilst falling over don’t ask how it’s possible but the pain in my knee was a verification that it is.

I wanted to go down one of the bigger slopes but my nerves were raging. I don’t know if any of you have ever played Cool Boarders the old- school playstation game, but when you go off the cliff in real life, you don’t get restart without any injuries. My partner Matt insisted that I go down, so I pulled myself together and went up the chair lift. He thinks he spurred me on, but really I figured if I really needed help I would just call him, because we both had waterproof phone cases for our Nokias. So thanks OverBoard, it was actually your dry bagsthat got me through the day.

I found this great link explaining how the phone cover works, check it out. Waterproof Nokia phone case demonstration

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