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5 Year Warranty and Guarantee - 2016


You’ve trusted OverBoard to take care of your possessions. Thank you. Now you deserve to know how we’ll take care of you too. The following is our only warranty and represents our entire obligation to you and your sole remedy for any defects.


Who is protected and how long?

Our warranty protects the owner of this item. If you bought it and kept it then that’s you. If you gave or sold it to someone, then it’s them. And it lasts for 5 years from the date of first purchase.

What’s in and what’s out?

In: Defects in materials and manufacture – those things that are down to us – that appears during normal and reasonable use.
Out: Damage inflicted on it ‘unreasonably’ – animal attacks, neglect, not following the product instructions, accidents, and such.
In: The product itself.
Out: Items you may put inside the product that become damaged.
Out: If testing or examination shows the alleged fault doesn’t exist.

Protecting our warranty

Should you ever need to make a claim we’ll need proof of the date of your purchase and for how much you paid. So keep your receipt in a safe place. And pass it on if the item’s ownership changes.

How will we sort things?

If, during the warranty period, the product turns out to be substandard we will repair it without charge. If repair is not possible you can choose either a replacement or a full refund of the price you paid. We will even cover the shipping or postal costs you may run up in returning an item that proves to be faulty up to €7.

Using our warranty service 

How does the law of the land and the state impact this warranty?

The warranty does not limit your protection from consumer law in your own country or state.